Monday, March 19, 2018
Brittany C. Carson Youth Endowment Fund Minimize

The purpose of this program is to establish a financial reserve for minor children who have lost a parent to Lupus. The fund will remain housed with a local financial entity which will presume the role of “administrator” until at which time the child comes of age to access the resources. Young adults experiencing the same hardship are eligible to receive support to assist with educational and vocational endeavors.

Independence Fund Minimize

The Independence Fund is a program designed to provide financial assistance to Lupus Survivors and their family members whom are experiencing occasional economic difficulties. Most commonly those living with Lupus are too ill to maintain gainful employment and require periodic support to make ends meet. Through this program, Lupus Survivors are assisted with their most practical needs to include rent/mortgage, groceries, transportation and prescription cost.

Stovall House Minimize

"Stovall House" is a residential retreat that will provide various therapies designed to optimize the health of Lupus Survivors. Due to the complexity and mysterious nature of Lupus there remains a major lack of consistent , accurate treatment for individuals living with this disease. There remains no known cause and no known cure. Most commonly , only the symptoms are treated as opposed to the discovery of a collective medical solution. Lupus patients are required to be treated by a multitude of medical specialist for their symptoms instead of by a single physician that is able to address the root source of their illness. Due to the ever mounting cost of co-pays and prescription cost , this dynamic poses a massive and draining financial burden. As well, the devastation of a "Flair-Up" can leave a Lupus patient indefinitely incapacitated and moderately able to remain gainfully employed. The endeavor of Stovall House is to offer relief through the marriage of therapies to include spiritual, nutrition, exercise, massage and counseling...the objective being restoration, renewal and ultimately REMISSION.

“Under the Wing” Fund Minimize

This fund was originated for Lupus Survivors experiencing ongoing and more extreme financial challenges. Sponsors are sought to undergird, mentor and provide more frequent monetary support to a selected Survivor. Sponsors can be individuals, families or organizations. Support can be forwarded directly to the recipient or can be distributed through this donor page.

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