Monday, March 19, 2018
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Lupus ( Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) is a debilitating illness where for unknown reasons the auto-immune system attacks and destroys viable cells, tissues and organs. The origins of Lupus date as far back as the mid 1400's and to date there remains no known cause and no known cure for this devastating predator. Following the loss of our beloved Mother, Daughter and Sister, Charlene Frisco-Stovall after a well-fought battle with Lupus, LiFE WithOut Lupus was formed. LiFE WithOut Lupus is a project whose mission is promote awareness about the increasing incidents of Lupus in our nation and to raise the financial resources to support the research effort and discover a cause and cure for this insidious disease. The LiFE WithOut Lupus Project encourages the research efforts of the Alliance for Lupus Research.

Amongst the programs under the LiFE WithOut Lupus umbrella include the H2O (Help to Others) program, the Lupus Support Forum, Music For LiFE- A Tribute To Charlene Stovall, the Colorado Lupus Support Network, Acoustic Cafe'- A Holiday Tribute, the Brittany Carson Youth Empowerment Fund and Stovall House.

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LiFE WithOut Lupus
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Lupus - No Known Cause, No Known Cure... Let's Find One
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